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Pre-Dorian Mosquito Lagoon Redfish

With the impending Hurricane Dorian there were a number of days leading up to the predicted landfall that were going to be clear and low winds, the calm before the storm if you will. One thing I always try to do is fish right before a front or named storm as the approaching weather always […]

Brothers and Redfish

As the summer dragged on we had been fairly lucky to not have any named storms knock on our door plus the afternoon storms had been fairly light. What does that mean? Our water levels in the Lagoon have been lower and the lack of rain also helps keep the algae bloom at bay when […]

Bow time for Bonefish

Bow time for Bonefish So a little while back I got a phone call from my buddy, Johan, about a cool opportunity to fish and work with Oliver Rogers, who is an incredible photographer and filmmaker. (Find him here : https://www.oliverrogersphotography.com ) He has been contracted by huge names in the fly fishing industry as […]

Meet the Band

Ladies and Gentleman… The Band Everyone has that group they fish with. Sometimes it is 10 close friends, sometimes it is just a few but they know it as the team, or squad, or whatever. Our spots stay between us, flies and lures that work are kept close to our chest…and so on. Well you […]

Couples That Fish Together…

The wife and I have known Jason and Cathy for a number of years now and they were one of the first couples we became friends with when we moved to Central Florida from Jacksonville.  Jason and I fish together a bunch, we have traveled together, fish locally, fish tournaments, you name it, we have […]


I know ya love redfish, I know this. And I’m gonna get you a redfish on fly cause it’s Friday, you got the day off and you ain’t got shit to do… Sometimes it just all comes together. 2018 is nearing the end, you have a few vacation days to blow, although the weather men […]

First Trip in the New Skiff

December 8th was the delivery day and after just six weeks the Chittum Skiffs, Mangrove 18, was on her way home. The wife rode down with me to their Palm City, FL facility to do a final walk through and see the place. Her last visit down was during the initial test ride and looking […]